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A few testimonials

In any service industry, experts say real testimonials of people that have actually used the services of your company are the best persons to attest to the quality, the integrity and the professionalism of any given business. Nowhere does that statement make more sense than on the Internet, where it is often difficult and sometimes impossible to check the validity of claims or the ultimate quality of services rendered. On this page, you can read, evaluate and randomly contact ANY of our clients, since they are real people that have used our Web design services. Their story and their personal experiences in dealing with Montreal Web Design was written by them and we haven't edited or modified any of the wording used. Client Testimonial: Linux News Today, Saskatoon, SK. Linux News I never saw a site go up so fast! They say speed and quality don't go together, but for our site I would say it's an exception. Not only did they do exactly what we asked, they even corrected about 10 typos that slipped our hands. And they didn't even charge us for the minor changes that we asked either. After consulting with 3 other design studios, we decided to go with Montreal Web Design for a number of good reasons: a great price, a great looking site and yes: speedy delivery. They only took four days to build our site and I'm truly amazed by it. Not only that, but since I happen to know a bit of HTML, they also showed me how to make daily updates to the many news stories we cover on our site. Apart from advertisers, our site dosen't generate any revenues, but it informs the global Linux community of all that's happening in that segment. Just 3 days after we launched we started getting positive comments from our new site and we signed up our first advertiser right then and there. Montreal Web Design rocks! Thanks guys for a great job! Client Testimonial: Cochran School of Nursing, Yonkers, NY. It is with great pride and appreciation that I am in a position to highly recommend the professional services of Montreal Web Design. Their efficient, knowledgeable and dedicated staff is of one of the best teams that I have had the experience of working with. Their technical people were a tremendous asset to us in developing and staging our first Web site. I personally appreciated the excellent tips given in building and implementing our entire site. Our project was not only finished in a timely fashion, our estimated and accrued cost in development was actually under our anticipated cost and budget. Montreal Web Design was committed to having our site search engine-friendly and easily found in today’s major search engines. Also, the Web hosting services provided by Sun Hosting are fast, dependable and run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Little did I know, our site was even installed on a server in Newark, NJ to make it even faster for us! As the director of one of the oldest and most prestigious nursing school in the US, I am truly delighted and satisfied with our website and with the almost daily communication that I had with the team in designing and developing our site. The Web site is user-friendly, well designed and enables quick interactions among our hospital and academic community as well as that of the world at large. Thanking you, Montreal Web Design for a job well done! Client Testimonial: Operating Systems Today, Moncton, NB. I have nothing but great comments and just simply good things to say about Montreal Web Design. When we originally contracted our Web site out to them, we had no idea it would look this great and be ready in less than two weeks. Their professional team guided us step-by-step through all the initial design process, and they took the time to carefully explain to us the importance of a great but simple site design. I am totally new at this. We don't sell anything on our site, since it is only a news Web site, but we do depend on the advertisers that we have on our site. We are very happy with the growing stream of advertising income our site brings us, and in the quality traffic it is constantly generating. In the coming months, we want to build a second Web site, this time to cover news in a different field. I'm happy to know I won't have to look for another Web design team, since I have all what I need right here. Our site is also hosted on their fast and dependable servers, and that was another big plus for me. I strongly recommend Montreal Web Design for what I truly believe represents the best value in professional Web site development and implementation, and at a very reasonable cost. Client Testimonial: First Hand Medical, Burlington, MA. Thank you for designing and optimizing our website. Your team at Montreal Web Design developed an efficient eCommerce Web site that dramatically increases our sales, online visibility, traffic and overall success. You have put us in a position to transform our business by converting ordinary traffic to sales. Your friendly and professional staff has proven invaluable in making suggestions and advising us on how to make our website as effective as possible to grow our business. There are tens of millions of people that suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome with one of the biggest contributing factors to this debilitating disease ironically being computer users. These people are actively looking for alternatives on the web. Your expertise has played a key role in helping these people to find the Carpal Solution. We needed to find that balance in our website between being informative and offering a great product. I definitely think we have reached our goal. I highly recommend Montreal Web Design as a reliable and experienced company in effective Web design and search engine optimization to assist companies in increasing traffic to their websites and growing their businesses, without having to spend tens of thousands doing it.