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Select your e-commerce software

  • Posted on: 10 March 2014
  • By: Hesham

Montreal Web Design is happy to provide you with this "Select your e-commerce software" article. We are convinced you will find our select your e-commerce software article very valuable. Bookmark this website.

The 5 steps to successfully building a good e-commerce Web site, (page 3 of 5)

Step no. 3
If you are really serious about investing in a good, professional e-commerce integrated solution, you will need more than just software. We have had excellent results and are truly happy with a solution we have been using for some time. The solution is called Web Store™ and it's more than just e-commerce software. It is a fully integrated Web storefront solution designed for serious business people.


It's important to note that there are hundreds of e-commerce application software on the market today. What's important is to find one that fills all your needs, is secure for your clients and that is easy to use, both for you or your employees. It's also important that your e-commerce software be easy to update, since most companies need to update their sites frequently, with the least amount of effort.
For its clients, Montreal Web Design has been using Web Store™ since early 2003 and it is against our company policy to recommend any software, service or product that we haven't totally tested for a minimum of at least one year. Web Store™ was specifically developed for small businesses and small e-commerce sites.


More detailed information is available about Web Store™ by clicking here. Web Store™ was developed and is sold by GCIS (the General Center for Internet Services Inc.
If you prefer, we could tell you more of our own experience with Web Store™ if you send us an email and tell us a bit about your e-commerce project.
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