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Advertise and promote

  • Posted on: 10 March 2014
  • By: Hesham
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The 5 steps to successfully building a good e-commerce Web site like amazon, (page 5 of 5)

Step no. 5
Advertise and promote your e-commerce site
Step five is a bit rudimentary, but all so necessary. Here, the old methods usually work as well as the new ones. You might try advertising your site locally, in your city using newspapers or flyers. We have a few clients that tried banner advertising, with mixed results. Banner advertising worked better in the younger days of the Internet, ie in the mid-90's.
For added visibility, we strongly recommend that you get your site listed in a good paid inclusion search engine. On top of helping your Page Rank (PR), it will certainly help you promote your new e-commerce site. Montreal Web Design is listed in Global Business Listing, a Business to Business paid inclusion search engine and we are happy with our results.
Today, most people look to Google or other major search engines for their buying or shopping. You could try banner advertising on a few selected web sites where you really think your audience could be. Montreal Web Design has some clients that are interested in banners, both as publishers and advertisers themselves. If you would like to know a few, just leave us an email and we will put you in contact with them.
Another popular method to help promote your business website is to advertise on industry-specific portals. It is always best to target portals that are either directly involved in your industry, or that are closely associated.
Additionally, another great way to promote your site is to write articles that will be of interest to your visitors, clients and users. Such articles should be directly accessible from a link on your website. You could also offer your articles to those industry portals we just talked about. If you do that, make certain that they place a link back to your website. That way, you will gain in two ways:
1. Increased targeted traffic to your website.
2. Increased Page Rank (PR) that will benefit your site.
If you have the budget, other e-commerce advertising medias could be radio or tv ads, on selected "prime-time" programs. Just make certain that's really the target audience you need for the products and services your new e-commerce website offers.
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