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Building a good e-Commerce site

  • Posted on: 10 March 2014
  • By: Hesham

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The 5 steps to successfully building a good e-commerce site, (page 1 of 5)

Step no. 1
Register your domain name
Your first step is to register a .com, a .biz, a .cc or a .ca domain name (.ca are reserved for Canadian companies only). Whether you're looking to reserve domain names for use now or at a later date, you should seriously consider doing it now, while some still might be available, although the best choices in the .com range have most certainly been taken by now. We have found some good domain names in the .biz, .cc and .ws category. The choice is yours.
To reserve any domain name, the lowest price we have found is at the Sun Hosting website, which you can find.
There are also many additional options that can be added to any e-commerce registered domain name at any time such as the ability to:
  1.         Park the domain with a "Coming Soon" page
  2.         Redirect the domain name to another of your choice
  3.         Redirect to a subdirectory of another domain name
  4.         Start using your new domain name email address
  5.         Add relevant body text & keywords to your pages
From time to time we hear about domain names, mistakenly or otherwise, not registered in the name of their rightful owners. Even if it’s just an oversight, rectifying this situation can become time consuming and costly.
Before finalizing your domain name order, make sure it will be registered in your name and the admin., technical and billing contacts will be determined by you only at the time you are registering your new domain name (s).

Be sure to own your own domain name because it is actually possible have a web site without owning your own domain name! Many ISPs and other organizations offer free web addresses for web sites. Often these are easy to get and use, but there are important benefits to having your own domain name, such as:

1. Branding - Your web site address can be a valuable brand name for you. You want people to remember it and use it on a regular basis, with each use acting as additional brand reinforcement. You lose that strong identity if your visitors have to type something like

2. Independence - Should your ISP or hosting service provider no longer meet your needs or goes out of business for any reason, you'll want to move your site traffic along with the physical transfer of your site's server address. After all, you've invested time and money to build traffic, so you shouldn't have to start all over again simply because your needs change or for whatever other reason. Registered domain names are associated with name servers. When you decide to change the location of your web site, your new name servers will be updated in the whois record kept by your domain registrar. As a result, your site visitors will automatically be sent to your new host. The bottom line is that you keep all your traffic, and your sales! If you don’t own your domain name, you will not have the luxury of taking your traffic with you.

3. Promotion - Your company alone gets to enjoy the increased traffic from every dollar spent promoting your site. If you don't have your own domain name, the company associated with your web site name is also reaping the benefits of your promotional efforts.

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